Why Are We Tired All The Time?

Are you getting enough sleep? What happens to our bodies when we are sleep-deprived? And how does lack of sleep affect our mental health? Find out more from Dr. Victor Kwok and Dr. Farah Idu Jion, our psychiatrist and psychologist respectively, as they join the fun and energetic hosts of You Got Watch to discuss why Singaporean adults are not getting enough sleep.

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28 February 2024 / You Got Watch SG
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5 Expert-Approved Tips On Raising
Healthy, Emotionally Resilient Kids

How can we raise our children to be independent and adaptable in this tough world? As parents, we tend to constantly ask ourselves: “Am I doing the right thing?” This is a question we ask all the time — when we are deciding between baby-led weaning and spoon-feeding, whether to send our babies to infant care, how much screen time is appropriate, how to talk about consent in relationships — the mental load is endless.
09 October 2023 / Singapore Women’s Weekly
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Can You Ever Truly Be Friends
With Your Child?

“During most of the trouble I had gotten myself into as a teenager, I would never turn to my parents. This bothered me a lot when I had my daughter. I need her to think of me first if ever she was in trouble, and that she knows she can tell me anything – as a toddler, teenager, and now a grown woman,” says Jane P.

13 Sep 2023 / Singapore Women’s Weekly

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Tackling Mood Disorders (Bipolar Disorder):
Guest Article by Dr Tay Kaihong

Mood disorders, such as bipolar disorder, are generally underreported due to the stigma behind mental health conditions. This leads to delayed access to treatment options and greater awareness is needed.
24 Aug 2023 / Private Space Medical

Is Trauma Stored in the Body?
An Evidence-Based Enquiry

Where does trauma hide? Is it only a mental phenomenon, or can it insidiously slip into the very tissues of our bodies? This article delves into the intriguing evidence-based enquiry on whether trauma is stored in the body.
08 Aug 2023 / Private Space Medical
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World Sleep Day 2023: Help, I Can't Sleep!
Dr Ashwin Chee (Psychiatrist)

Have you been feeling restless, anxious, or experiencing mood swings lately? Poor sleep quality could be the reason why. Watch this video to learn about how sleep affects mental health, identify sleep disorders, its treatment options, as well as tips on how to attain a good quality of sleep.
17 March 2023 / Medical Channel Asia

Finding Balance in a Stressful World:
Insights from a Psychiatrist and Pharmacist

Life is full of stress – be it in work, home, or in interpersonal relationships, we all experience some form of stress in our lives. How we deal with our life stressors, then, makes all the difference. Dr Tay Kai Hong, Psychiatrist at Private Space Medical, and Joy Chong, Pharmacist of Watsons, came together to talk about just that.
03 March 2023 / Medical Channel Asia

How Your Inner Child Could Be Keeping
You From Parenting Effectively

Your testy reactions towards the kids may be coming from the past where your own childhood needs weren’t met. If you are active on social media, chances are you have been fed a deluge of parenting slash self-help memes—and a good chunk of them would have called up your own childhood experience.
15 November 2022 / Private Space Medical

Spending Evenings Meaningfully

Are you thinking of getting into the “5 to 9” trend from TikTok? Our senior psychologist, Justine Xue, shares her opinion on having a lot of activities after work with our local Chinese newspaper
11 November 2022 / Zao Bao News

Adults with ADHD: What Happens as They Age?

Forgetfulness, distractibility, and impulsivity are common symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). As an older adult with ADHD, how will these traits manifest? We find out from Dr. Tay Kai Hong, Consultant Psychiatrist at Private Space Medical, Farrer Park Medical Centre.
03 Nov 2022 / Farrer Park Hospital

Invite Mindfulness into Your Everyday

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is an 8-week empirically-supported programme that offers secular mindfulness training. Developed at the University of Massachusetts Medical Centre by Professor Jon Kabat-Zinn in the late 1970s, MBSR uses a combination of mindfulness meditation, body awareness and exploration of patterns of behaviours, thinking, feeling and action. Through non-judgmental acceptance and curious investigation of the present experience, the programme teaches mindfulness meditation skills as a way to develop a different relationship to stress, and to live each moment of our lives as fully as possible.
20 Oct 2022 (7 – 8 pm) / Private Space Medical

Women with ADHD: Zoned Out and Lost

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has long been thought of as a condition affecting males. More females are being diagnosed as our understanding of the condition deepens. We find out more from Dr. Tay Kai Hong, our psychiatrist.
20 Sep 2022 / Farrer Park Hospital

Coping with ADHD as an Adult

Mention ADHD and most of us think of hyperactive children. However, did you know that adults can also have this condition? And that it’s possible to only know you have it later on in your life?
26 Aug 2022 / Silver Streak Website for Singaporean Seniors

Why is ADHD Often Undiagnosed in Women?

Adult women have struggled with ADHD for years and can find it hard to put a name to the condition. Mention the term ADHD and what comes to mind is usually a picture of a hyperactive boy. If that’s where your mind takes you when you think of ADHD, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, this perception means many women with the condition go through most of their lives without being diagnosed. And this is happening in Singapore too.
16 Aug 2022 / Her World Singapore

Adult ADHD

In this video, our Psychiatrist Dr. Tay Kai Hong answers the question: What happens when you are diagnosed with adult ADHD?
4 Jun 2022 / Farrer Park Hospital

Rest, Don't just sleep on it

Physical and mental rest is essential, but people also need
psychological rest and a break from stressors to be

15 December 2021 / The Straits Times


Mind Matters: Five tips to manage exam stress during the COVID–19 pandemic

Have you got exams coming up? In a collaboration with the National Youth Council and Youthopia, Dr Tay Kai Hong shares 5 tips you can use to cope with academic and exam stress during the pandemic.
8 October 2021 / National Youth Council
Mind Matters: Five tips to manage exam stress during the COVID-19 pandemic

How to beat WFH burnout

Ever wondered why you are even more stressed and tired when working from home? WFH can present some significant and unique challenges. SKH Psychiatrist, Dr Tay Kai Hong shares some possible reasons why this happens and how you can deal with it. Utilise these helpful tips to reduce your work-associated stress and set yourself up to effectively work from home.
2 July 2021 / Sengkang General Hospital

imPAct Cares: Insights on Sleeping Disorders

imPAct Cares session in May 2021: Ms Michelle Ow (Human Experience Facilitator, Moderator), Dr Tay Kai Hong (Consultant Psychiatrist, Sengkang General Hospital), and Ms Hema Gurnani (Co-Founder & Director, AppleTree Counselling) discuss the fascinating science behind insomnia, and share how to overcome it.

19 Jun 2021 / People’s Association
imPAct Cares: Insights on Sleeping Disorders

Conversations with Private Space

“Conversations” by Private Space is a platform for dialogue among mental health professionals and advocates in Singapore. It was conceptualised by Dr Victor Kwok and Dr Tay Kai Hong, who are psychiatrists and co-founders of Private Space Medical. 2022 is a pivotal year because the pandemic has brought greater awareness and crystallised the importance of mental well-being. How can we be better equipped for the future?

6 June 2021 / The Gym Studio

Conversations with Private Space Self–Advocacy

Tips for Good Mental Health while Working & Learning from Home

Dr Tay Kai Hong offers brilliant tips to individuals and parents to better manage learning and working from home to maintain good mental health. The last half hour comprise responses to questions posed by the webinar audience.
5 Jun 2021 / Brahm Centre

Health Matters – Double Depression

Have you heard of the term “double depression”? Dr Tay Kai Hong speaks on the radio about what is double depression, its significance and implications.
9 Sep 2020 / Radio 938 Health Matters
Health Matters – Double Depression

Musings of a Sleep Doctor


12 Jan 2020 / 晚报副刊
Day of a sleep doctor

Sleepless? Sleep on this cure for insomnia

It’s is estimated that 15% of Singaporeans suffer from insomnia. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy does not have the immediate effect of sleep medication or the cool factor of devices designed to promote sleep, but it has been proven to be effective to combat insomnia. In this Straits Times article, Psychiatrist Dr Tay Kai Hong and Psychologist Mark Rozario shares their experience on sleep health and insomnia in Singapore.
7 Oct 2019 / The Straits Times


盛港综合医院成为本地首家聘有全职朋辈支援专家的综 合医院。该医院的心理医学部门主任郭家富顾问医生 说,朋辈支援专家可以成为医生与病人之间的桥梁,因 为他们也曾是患者,病人会更信任他们。

16 September 2019 / Zao Bao News





8 Sep 2019 / Zao Bao News

Beyond the Label: Learn more about OCD

OCD is one of the top three mental health conditions in Singapore, according to the Singapore Mental Health Study 2016. Featuring Dr Tay Kai Hong and Psychologist Ms Siew Choo Ting, watch this video to learn more about OCD and how you can support someone on their road to recovery.
16 Jun 2019 / National Council of Social Services
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31 March 2019 / Channel 8 News, Mediacorp



Parents of children with developmental disabilities often neglect their own needs and find themselves burning out. Dr Tay Kai Hong shares some tips and advice on how to take care of their own well-being, so that they can care for their families in a sustainable way.
HealthXchange article

Caring for a Child with Special Needs: Tips to Manage Caregiver Stress

Caregiver stress can arise from caring for a child with developmental disorders such as autism and intellectual disability. Dr Tay Kai Hong, Department of Psychiatry, Sengkang General Hospital (SKH), shares tips to overcome caregiver stress.
HealthXchange articles
Caring for a Child with Special Needs: Tips to Manage Caregiver Stress

How to Identify and Manage Caregiver Stress, The Straits Times, Mind Your Body

The stress caregivers suffer can lead to feelings of hopelessness and cause some to neglect their own needs. This stress fluctuates with circumstances, says Dr Tay Kai Hong, an associate consultant at the department of psychiatry at Sengkang General Hospital. “However, when symptoms of caregiver stress become severe and protracted for more than a few weeks, the carer may have progressed to clinical depression,” he adds. They lose the ability to experience joy, which may be replaced by constant feelings of dread, drudgery, hopelessness and helplessness. At this stage, it affects their usual eating, sleeping and working routine, as well as leisure activities and caregiving duties. In more severe cases, suicidal thoughts may emerge, he says. Dr Tay shares the signs and symptoms to look out for, and practical tips to manage caregiver stress.
16 Oct 2018 / The Straits Times
How to identify and manage caregiver stress

Mental Health Education Begins at Home, Zao Bao




28 Aug 2018 / Zao Bao News
Mental Health Education Begins at Home, Zao Bao





5 June 2018 / Zao Bao News


Overeating versus uncontrollable

Overeating does not mean you’re suffering from binge eating disorder. The main difference between the two is whether or not there is a loss of control, said Dr Victor Kwok, head and consultant at Sengkang Health’s Department of Psychiatry.

24 April 2017 / TNP, Singapore


Panic disorders: What do you
know about them?

We’ve got an expert to spread awareness and explain one of
the most common mental health issues in Singapore today.

22 February 2017 / Marie France Asia, Singapore


Panic attack or heart attack?

Symptoms are quite alike, but a panic attack makes you feel
like you are going out of control

21 February 2017 / The Straits Times


Not hungry, but can't stop gobbling

Those with binge-eating disorder cannot control their food intake

31 January 2017 / The Straits Times


Family bonds, whether weak or
strong, keep people happy

Yet another Chinese New Year with family, yet more joyful
memories to be created. But there are some who hate this time
of the year.

24 January 2017 / The Straits Times


Is Healthy Eating Making You

Did you know that your obsession with eating clean could actually be a dangerous eating disorder called orthorexia?

29 December 2016 / Her World


Is The Holiday Season Tough For

Not everyone has a happy festive season. If you’re going through
financial or mental health issues, here are some tips
on how to get through the holidays unscathed

22 December 2016 / Her World


We Can't Even

Do the words “don’t worry” feel impossible? You’re not alone. Dealing with the demands of everyday life has left millennials more confused, overwhelmed and stressed out than any other generation.

November 2016 / Cleo Magazine


Food Swingers

Between #eatclean and #foodgasm, #carbfree and #fatdieme, it’s time that we come clean with ourselves – does anyone know what to eat anymore?
August 2016 / Cleo Magazine


半夜醒来 很难再入睡!

30 June 2015 / U Weekly SG


Bowel trouble could be all in the mind

Experts are linking irritable bowel syndrome with psychological disorders but needing help for mental issues is often perceived as a stigma by patients

25 April 2013 / The Straits Times


Mental Health Tips for Social Media Use

Dr Victor Kwok, Senior Consultant and Head of Department of Psychiatry at Sengkang General Hospital (SKH), shares tips for healthy social media use.

HealthXchange, SingHealth


Anxiety and Depression: When to Seek Help

Dr Victor Kwok, Senior Consultant and Head, Department of Psychiatry, and Ms Evangeline Tan, Senior Principal Psychologist and Head, Department of Psychology, both from Sengkang General Hospital (SKH) offer insights.

HealthXchange, SingHealth


Managing Anxiety and
Depression: Positivity is Key

​Dr Victor Kwok, Senior Consultant and Head, Dr Tan Shian Ming, Senior Consultant, and Dr Seow Su Yin, Associate Consultant, all from the Department of Psychiatry at Sengkang General Hospital (SKH), share more.

HealthXchange, SingHealth