Dr. Beron Tan

Dr Beron Tan

Senior Psychologist

to focus on the needs of the person in front of me in a non-judgemental, gentle & comforting way. I hope to feel & connect with my client’s emotions.”
Dr Beron Tan is a clinical psychologist with rich experience in helping children, teenagers, and adults. He received his clinical training in Perth, Western Australia notably at the Drug & Alcohol Youth Service, and Royal Perth Hospital (adult psychiatry). He graduated with a Master of Clinical Psychology and PhD (Psychology) from Australia. In recognition of his outstanding academic performance, he was awarded the prestigious Australian Psychological Society Prize. Beron was also the recipient of the competitive ECU International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (Australia) for his outstanding research on improving cognition in individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders.
In his last role, he worked as a clinical psychologist and research lead at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. His clinical expertise and warm and gentle personality led to numerous compliments from his patients and their families. In 2019, he was awarded KK Hospital service award in recognition of his excellent patient service. With a passion for helping individuals with chronic illnesses and their families, he led a team at KKH in establishing a first-of-its-kind evidence-based psychosocial support program for childhood cancer in Singapore. As a strong advocate for evidence-based practice, he authored gold-standard psychosocial care protocols for youth with cancer and their adult caregivers, which were adopted by KK Hospital. Beron was also frequently invited to review research articles by international journals.
In his previous role at KKH, his leadership led to academic publications in reputable journals, and clinical and research awards. Beron was instrumental in obtaining substantial funding to support clinical, research and education efforts in improving the standards of psychosocial care for individuals and families struggling with childhood cancers in Singapore.
Among other clinical skills, Beron is particularly fond of practising interpersonal psychotherapy, schema therapy, mindfulness, and motivational interviewing in his clinical work. His mottos in therapy are to provide unconditional positive regard and to give his utmost in every single moment of his time with his patients. He believes that a single moment of an appropriate gesture (e.g. a smile and eye contact) can make a difference to the lives of others.
In promoting youth mental health, Beron currently conducts mental health programs for tertiary students in Singapore. Furthermore, he is a mentor to undergraduate psychology students in Australia.
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