Is ADHD curable? I am worried for my child’s future if he or she is diagnosed with ADHD.

Many cases of ADHD improve with age. About half of all children diagnosed with ADHD naturally get better with time as they pick up skills along the way and as life circumstances and cognitive demands evolve. The hyperactivity and impulsivity symptoms of ADHD are more likely to improve first.
Until then, there is no magic “cure” for ADHD, but it is highly responsive to treatment and can be very well managed with a combination of therapy and/or medications. In fact, many people with ADHD are very successful. Among the famous who have disclosed that they have ADHD are singer Justin Timberlake, actress Emma Watson, and Olympics champion Michael Phelps.

Who can prescribe ADHD medications? Are they effective?

Our psychiatrists (medical doctors) can prescribe ADHD medications, which have been very well-studied with decades of safety and efficacy data. ADHD symptoms are usually highly responsive to medications. Up to 75% of diagnosed cases benefit from medications.
Our psychiatrists will monitor the child’s response and adjust the type and dosage of medication so that the child gets maximum benefit with minimum side effects. We will guide you along to achieve your full potential in school and life.

How about counselling? Is it helpful?

Our Child Psychologists and Art Therapists offer counselling, therapy, and ADHD coaching. They will collaborate with you and your child to develop strategies such as focus skills, organization skills and time-management skills. 50-70% of children with ADHD experience emotional issues, including anger, irritability, poor frustration tolerance leading to temper tantrums. Our Child Psychologists will work with you to enhance your child’s self-regulation abilities.
Parent training is crucial for supporting a child with ADHD. Our Family Therapist or Child Psychologists can coach parents to implement strategies to identify, understand, and address challenging behaviours associated with ADHD. Family therapy also aims to mend strained relationships and reinforce positive behaviours in the child. Social skills training will be beneficial to improve relationships with family members, peers and teachers.
Studies have confirmed that a combination of medications and counselling works best for ADHD, especially for more severe cases.

How can Art Therapy help a child with ADHD?

Art Therapy is highly beneficial for kids with ADHD. It combines talk therapy with creative activities, allowing kids to express themselves verbally and nonverbally. This helps them better manage emotions, regulate behaviour and improve self-esteem. Children also learn to problem-solve, organize their time and be flexible when working with the Art Therapist.
For kids with emotional difficulties, Art Therapy can help the child express emotions which are hard to put into words, such as anger or anxiety. It provides a safe space for the child to share, explore and resolve emotions. It’s suitable for all ages, even very young children. It does not require artistic skill or talent. The focus is on the process of creating, not the final product.

So which should I choose? Medications, counselling, family therapy or art therapy?

It may sound confusing to know that there are many different options available. Whether you see our Child Psychologists or Psychiatrists first, we will assess your needs and work together with you to create a personalized and targeted treatment plan, taking into account your needs and preferences.

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