Family therapy: what is it and how does it work?
Family therapy is designed to improve family relationships and communication. It helps family members gain insight into the impact of their behaviours and learn to support each other through difficult periods.
Attachment-based family therapy (ABFT), a specific type of family therapy, aims to repair and restore the ruptures in parent-child relationships and build a more secure bond.

What situations are suitable?

  • When communication within the family breakdown
  • When a family member has a traumatic experience or a mental health issue such as depression, chronic stress etc.
  • When parents are unable to cope with behavioural problems in a child
  • When couples face divorce, separation or marital problems

How many sessions must we attend?

Depending on the family issues, it usually takes up to 10-16 sessions to reach the therapy goals.

Must every family member be there?

It depends on the issues involved. Children too young to comprehend the situation need not be present. If a parent-child relationship needs repair and healing, only the involved child and parent need to attend.

What if my kid doesn’t want to attend or my husband is aboard?

Parents can attend the sessions without the child. At Private Space, our therapist Joanne uses an integrative and eclectic approach to empower parents with skills to re-connect with the child.
Ideally, both parents should participate in the sessions. If one parent is unable to attend, creative ways can be explored to allow the other parent to be “present” in the session.

Does it mean we have failed as parents? My other kid is ok.

Feeling like a failure does not mean that you have failed. Every child is special and brings along unique parenting challenges. There is a learning curve to figure out how to connect and bond with each child effectively.
With proper assessment and a holistic treatment by our Family & Couple Therapist, you can restore and repair the relationships in your family. If you are facing challenges in your relationship with your child or your spouse, call or WhatsApp us to arrange a consultation with Ms Joanne Goh.
Ms Joanne Goh
Family & Couple Therapist
Private Space Medical